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I was surprised when i read that NoSQL can give complete security to an application for database access compared to SQL. Putting in terms of Requirement Engineering (well i took the course this semester), the statement is too ambiguous.

I look at NoSQL as an opportunity to develop fast pace and scalable databases. Although traditional database system like PostgreSQL plan towards it by 2011, already many of current large scale companies moved towards NoSQL and started using DB’s like Google Bigtable, Amazon SimpleDB and other massive distributed applications like HBase.

A good blog post about why NoSQL is recommended and gives a good overview of a scenario it had. Although the blog says it’s moving away from NOSQL, i feel it sarcastic.

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Soccer @ Dallas Snow Field Spring’10

My Favorite Firefox Plugins

The main reason behind’s firefox user base is it’s Add-ons. Had Chrome started supporting those Add-ons, hundreds of users will be choosing Chrome than other browsers as of now unless due to other factors like IE comes with Windows OS and firefox with unix-based versions as is Safari with Mac.

I want to share some of the best development plugins i love to use in Firefox. Although there are dozen of them, i chose to share these as others have many alternatives.

One of the main problems that Ajax developers face is to see the responses he gets for a action. Generally, earlier we use to see responses in browser. But with ajax calls, it is difficult for developer to check the responses he is getting. Httpfox is a great tool to track the request and responses from and to the browser.

Noscript plugin gives you the ability to choose which sites can run scripts on your browser. It can be javascript or Flash based scripts. I never let it run Google Analytics to run when i am running on my server. I use analytics to track my site usage ;) This is a great add-on if you are using your personal machine as you don’t want malicious code to run on your browser.

I never use Firebug most of the time, but i love it because it is integrated with Yslow and Google Page Speed. If you are developing web applications, i would suggest using Yslow and Pagespeed to check how your app works in terms of speed. If you are a serious developer who develop applications most of the time, do check Google Speed articles and tools from other companies.

Coming to selenium, it is mostly used for UI testing. If you want to see the same set of pages one after the other making continuous changes, you can record browsing through different pages on a site, record and rerun it.

IE pushing me towards Firefox and Google Chrome

Although i am a big fan of Firefox and Chrome in terms of functionality and speed respectively, after updating to Windows 7 on my laptop(Ofcourse i still use firefox and chrome on my server and office machines) i decided to install as few softwares as possible that are really necessary. So i kept on using IE8. But the speed, difficulty in switching between tabs. displaying webpages, playing videos from youtube and others makes me opt the other browsers. Although some of my friends say that Safari works good on their systems, i feel chrome is the fastest browser i have seen.

If chrome adds a functionality such that the firefox plugins can be installed in it, i am sure it will grab the market share of firefox. As a developer myself, i use firefox because it has good development and security plugins.

3idiots @ copycat: When will we start giving Proper Credit

Not just 3 idiots, most of the Asian works doesn’t give proper credit. Secondly it’s bad on 3idiots part to deny the similarity. Reading the plot from wikipedia for 5 point someone itself shows a lot of similarity. Although screenplay plays a lot of part in film, still they have to give proper credit. The statement from Vinod Chopra’s website stating 30 differences is a stupid idiotic argument. You can always show a difference in a book and a story based on it. Why don’t they discuss the similarities. The love between here and professor’s daughter, three friends engineering story with head of mechanical engineering…

It was mentioned that they designed the comedy bit of “definition of book”. But it existed long back and i don’t exactly remember the source. Here is a video published years back from youtube for the exam scene which was copied into 3idiots.

Did you get where you saw it. No? Check this from 3idiots